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professional &
workforce development

Transforming Constructors through Mastery

Mastery involves learning anything that provides knowledge or wisdom towards achieving your learning goals

Spring 2024 Courses

Digital Credentialing

Mastery is the all encompassing belief that in order to be great you must Master all relevant skills

In-person and Intensive

Intensive sessions revolve around a

"View it...Do It...Review It" format.

Dive right into workbook exercises. For most, doing is the best way to learn. Practice makes permanent.


Work at your own pace utilizing our online Learning Management System.

Meet weekly for the Live Learning Lab in person or online to review homework and
workbook exercises.

Live Streaming

Broadcast important training or "all hands meetings" to your remote jobsites.

We have the equipment and
expertise to support you.

Other Services

Capture important training so the entire company can benefit. We can post & host your content on our platform making it more accessible to your workers.

We perform asynchronous video capturing allowing your employees to learn best practices from your top performers.

Strategic Partners

The Construction Mastery Institute (CMI) understands the importance of establishing and maintaining relationships in the construction industry.

Below you will find a list of our valued Partners:

Construction Management

Supporting the CM Certificate Program since 1999 with high quality in-person print reading, quantity take-off, estimating, cost control, business development, ethics, and innovation content.

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AGC of Colorado

CMI is partnered with AGC of Colorado to provide innovative, and affordable high quality constuction education content to their members.

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AACE International

Dan Rondinelli is Certified as a Cost Professional with a tested competency in project managment, scheduling, estimaing and cost control.

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